Nov 20, 2017

The Blue Angel Bass!

I mean sweet is that! Basskilla is getting himself an awesome looking bass and I don't think I've ever seen a bass cloud it the Blue Anger colors before! Gonna wake up the heavens with that beast! Unique and Beautiful! Thanks for sharing the pic's Killa! ....and you know you gotta get that Vette to carry it around right?

Not a Cloud....but Just as Cool!

I've seen replica's of the Blue Prince Flower telecaster guitar as they call it that Prince is seen playing in the "America" live video and thought it would be kind of cool to have one even though I'm more of a cloud lover....obviously. An online friend of mine who knows a lot more about this stuff than I do told me that this guitar was built by Sadowsky. I looked at every photo I could find trying to read the name on the head but it was nearly impossible. But I did find a web page for it....Link.  I thought about trying to find a Sadowsky label to put on the head to make it a little more authentic but since it wasn't really built by them I decided not to but I will get some better fret marker flowers for the neck.

So on May 1, 2017 I sent an e-mail to and asked about the price. They replied the same day with the price and that was that! They asked for $150 down and shipping was $69. In total it was $628.00. Not bad at all. Now I've never dealt with this company before or known anyone who has so it was a shot in the dark but they use PayPal so that felt a little more secure. By the 4th of may everything was clear to start the build and around the 15th they sent pics of it as it was being built.

About ten days later they sent some photos of the paint to make sure it was ok with this point it wasn't clear coated yet so it looked a little raw but I understood that.

Everything seemed to be flowing along pretty well but I didn't hear anything from them for all of July but I was working so much during that time that I didn't really notice so on 1 Aug 1st I sent another e-mail asking for the status of the guitar. They sent another photo of the wiring going in but I thought it was strange that it took a month to do that so after a few e-mails back and forth I learned that two of the luthiers had been out sick but I was reassured that the guitar would be completed soon.

It was nearing the end of September when I got a pic of the completed guitar which looked great to me. They then sent me the info to pay the remainder of the order and then sent me the tracking numbers. Let me tell ya....trying to track this thing from the other side of the world wasn't easy.....I couldn't even pronounce mat of the names of the cities it went through! I'm guessing it got stuck in customs for awhile because it dropped completely off the radar for about two weeks then bam it was here....out of the blue! WHEW! It sounds great even though I'm not a guitar player by any stretch but it's good to know that it plays. The pickups are Wilkinson pickups but I'm sure if you would like another kind they would accommodate you but the price might change a little. I am truly happy with it and I'm sure it will feel right at home with the others!  Peace

And if LPP has one then I need one too! Troy Gua!

Nov 17, 2017

Peach On Display

A Peach cloud guitar is on display at the Target center in Minneapolis. It looks to me like it's one of the new Schecter clouds released earlier this year but it still looks great! This pic was posted by David Jack nelson.